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From Australia to the USA

The laptop mat was well made and seemed effective. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived, considering that it was sent from Australia to the USA. Thanks.

Absolute a must!

I absolutely love these glasses! It was really important for me that they were lightweight, and not putting pressure on my sinuses. I’ll be wearing these watching a movie and I don’t even realize I have them on. I would definitely recommend these glasses to my family and friends.

The Greatest Nightlight Ever

I have 3 of these. I have one next to my 15-year-old dogs bed. He is blind in one eye. It helps him to see his way around the room at night and to his water bowl.
Assist me in leading the way to the water closet at night. One in the bathroom as well as the water closet.
Red light doesn’t wake you as bright white/ blue light does. I go potty and quicky back to sleep I go! 😴


Love this red light. Red light is extremely relaxing to me as a menopausal woman.
Help nullify stress. Clam & peaceful shut down from the day. I have them in my bedroom, family room, and bathroom.

Sleek design

These look great on my face. They sit on my bridge firmly without leaving indentations. Totally Awesome

easy on the eyes

I've tried a number of different brands of red light bulbs and these win by far. I think it's a mix of the color and the lack of flicker that eases my eyes and my brain when I use interior lights after dark.

Great Light for Any Time of Day!

I love how this light bulb is low EMF and has multiple different light setting for different times throughout the day! It is easy to switch between the 3 different light settings using the typical light switch you would use for that light. I love knowing that blue light can easily be eliminated in the room with the flick of a switch.

Eye strain

Could feel less eye strain when put them on. Wear them while watching TV about 1hr before bed.

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Amanda Larson
Great Product

This blanket is great. Helping me reduce muscle soreness after surgery. Also getting better sleep.

The best wand!

Absolutely love my wand, it’s so easy and quick too use - which I love being a busy mum. I’ve noticed improvements around my forehead wrinkles and my fine lines around my mouth. Couldn’t be without it now!

Great sweat machine

Hoped in it once so far and it was relaxing and produced a lot of sweat

Peace of mind

Surrounded by EMF24/7 the sticker provides us a much needed relief. I am using it with my phone and gave it as gift to my sister. Boncharge came highly recommended and I trust them to stand behind the quality of the product.

Stylish and beneficial…

I love waring my new bracelet. It is well made with nice and smooth finish and a secure clasp. It is a great addition to my casual ware. Recommend it!

Blue Light Blocking Lamp
Denise Pritchard
Love it

Perfect bedside light. Packs nicely.

Easy on the eyes

I really appreciate your light bulb. I usually use it in the morning for my daily meditation. The soft glow helps my eyes because it isn’t harsh and glaring.

It's working great.

I have no complaints. It's helping my chest look better. I put it on with my facemask before bed. I do wish there was a product that covered my ears. I have eczema in my ears & red light therapy with help a lot there.

Great for watching tv

I read a lot about which blue light glasses were actually effective and these stood out. I wanted to use them to watch tv at night and the red tinted ones felt like too much as a first step, so these have been perfect. I’m not bothered watching with them on and love them. I feel more relaxed too

The Best Night Light

Motion activation quickly responds to movement and the red light is adjustable to provide adequate illumination. I replaced a standard night light with this and love knowing I’m no longer disrupting my sleep with unnecessary ambient blue light. Highly recommend!

great discovery!

Hi, I just want to say I love my blue light blocking bulb! I am using it in my bedroom and it really helps relax and to sleep early.
I sometimes just want to go to bed to be surrounded by the red light!
thanks for the great sale too!

Calming new routine!

I've been using my mask a few times a week for about 3 weeks now and am really enjoying the calming new routine. I feel my skin is brighter and under eyes more refreshed. Keen to keep going and see what else it will do for me

Great for People with Big Noses

I've got a big, err... strong, nose. The problem for me with most eye masks is that they let in light under the eyes, where the top of my nose meets my face. Not this one!
The adjustable eye cups block out nearly 100% of light & definitely enough of it so that I don't notice anything once my eyes are closed.
Totally recommend this product.

Perfect for newborn stage nighttime feedings

I got one lightbulb for the nursery and one bulb for our bedroom. It’s been perfect for my newborn who is awake all through the night, and doesn’t disrupt my sleep patterns while still being bright enough to see what I’m doing. Highly recommend!!


El sensor es maravilloso!!. Cuando necesito ir al baño me lo llevo conmigo sin necesidad de encender ninguna luz. Es una luz tan agradable que no altera tu sueño.
Muy recomendable..
El servicio de Bon Charge es excepcional. En una semana lo tenía en casa

Love my lamp!!!

Bon Charge products never disappoint ! My 7 year old grandson saw mine and wanted one, glad I purchased two!!

Love it! Great for sleep improvement

I love this bundle! I’ve owned blue light blockers before but they ones truly block blue light. And they fit so perfectly to my face. The sleep mask is great when the neighbors annoying leave every LED backyard light on. I bought this kit because I’m traveling to Europe soon so I’m hoping to beat the jet lag with some bio hacking.